My big news was...I MOVED! At the moment, the place is still a work in progress where I'm still wondering what to do with my walls. I'm not sure if Astrid should stay up above my bed (most likely not, seeing as she fell on top of me at 3am this morning...) or if I should blu-tack some more pretty pictures up there with her. All I know is that it'll come together slowly...with the help of another Ikea shopping spree.

With a new location, I will be sussing out some new places for some outfit posts. Mind you, I've been hit with a bit of Topshop fever, so expect nothing but items from there as the Sydney store has been a huge favourite of mine. I might finally lug my SLR around with me again and blog the world in my own eyes. It might even be interesting!

Have a lovely rest of the week! x

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mariel janina said...

such a cosy feel <3