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St Lenny's Tee, Glassons Midi Skirt, Girl Express Boots, Miss Shop Clutch, Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock

My judgement recently changed on the topic of midi skirts, because let's fact it - for a girl of 5'2", midi skirts might as well drown you like floor length gowns and regular jeans. But with a bit of folding and watching the recent sunbeamsjess outfit videos, I've totally been won over and now love the silhouette of this skirt - so much so that I may regard it as a staple. 

For my first day back at uni, I wanted to kick back into the whole 'FARSHUN' mindset in a comfortable and remotely 'stylish' way. I practically live in black ankle boots, so these Chloe wannabes were too tempting not to buy - they have only fuelled my urge to have a pair of Susanna's even more. This old men's tee found in a Dangerfield store a few years ago, is my go-to comfort antidote to a day where I feel a little grunge-y in the mornings. And to balance it out, I only needed a dash of bright pink - on the lips and on the bag on my hips. 

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abigailalicex said...

Love your Chloe dupes. I'm starting uni the day after tomorrow I'm so scared! Hope you had an amazing first day back!